Gaming fever grips PS4 fans in Shropshire

Gaming fever gripped Shropshire for the second time in a week when the new PlayStation console was launched at midnight.

Hundreds of people queued outside stores in Shrewsbury and Telford waiting for the stroke of midnight, when they could finally get their hands on the new PS4.

They had paid out a minimum of £380 back in August with many shelling out up to £600 for the top bundles, which includes games and various accessories.

First in the queue of more than 100 people at Game on Pride Hill, Shrewsbury, was Martin Morgan, 27, from Little Stretton. 

He had arrived after 9pm. “I have been using an Xbox 360 but am converting to the PS4, the graphics are way better,” he said.

Friends Nathan Binnersley and Dan Evans, both 22 and from Shrewsbury, had booked days off from their jobs so they could spent the night gaming.

But Bishop’s Castle couple, Michelle Anderson, 23, and John Owen, 23, were having to postpone their gaming until the weekend to ensure they were in work at Harry Tuffins today.

However, Jack Ellis, 17, from Shrewsbury, had booked a holiday from McDonald’s in the town to ensure he could enjoy the new console he had saved up for.

With him was older brother, Matthew Wharton who is having to wait until Christmas for his PS4. His dad, civilian engineer, Mark Wharton, is currently in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

“He is buying me one for Christmas and he comes home on December 22,” he said.

Christmas came earlier for Martin, 17, and Nick, 15, Crouch, from Oswestry.

They left the store with a console each, their Christmas presents from parents Fred and Tracey Crouch. Mr Crouch, who owns Nesscliffe Pallets, said: “It was a very quick way to part with £1,300.”

Game store assistant Paul Lance said the PS4 launch had been much more popular than last week’s launch of the new Xbox.

Launch day pre-orders for Sony’s PS4 have been sold out nationally since August, so this could be the last chance for people to get their hands on one before Christmas. 

Imran Choudhary, from London, was the first in line outside the PS4 Lounge #4 The Players in Convent Garden, having been queuing since Tuesday. He described the excitement in the queue as “electric”.

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