Freshers Survival Guide

Freshers week is almost here. If you're one of the thousands of students leaving home and heading to uni, make sure you read our freshers week survival guide.

Freshers Survival Guide

What to pack

First things first, preparation for uni starts before you even arrive. Make sure you make a list of stuff you need to bring with you - you don't want to be the only one in your flat with no plates. 

Check out a few of the essentials in the gallery below:

Get your tickets

Most of the West Mids uni's have a Freshers Welcome Party.  If you don't want to spend your first night suffering from a serious case of FOMO, book your tickets early. Most big uni events sell out pretty quickly - you can usually get them online or from your Students Union. 

Most uni's offer up a wristband scheme which will get you into any freshers event, they're expensive, but it's a great way to meet new people, have a laugh and most importantly moan about how none of it was worth £40 after all.

Save up

It's true what they say - most of your time at university will be spent eating cold pizza and crisp sandwiches. Prepare to have no money. Be sure to take advantage of some of the student saving sites and cards you have at your disposal - there are many. Websites like Unidays offer you thousands of discounts codes whilst Student Profit can offer up some worthwhile advance. The NUS card will most likely be the only thing you own that actually saves you money (plus gets you a free burger at McDonalds) Make sure you get one.

Free things - take them all

Freebies are your new best friend. Most freshers fairs offer up everything from a bag of Lidl goodies to a free Domino's pizza. My advice would be to walk around several times (in disguise if necessary) to snap up as many goodies as possible! You never know when that pen/t-shirt/keyring/torch might come in handy.

The serious stuff
We hate to break it to you but there’s more to freshers week than just endless jagerbombs. Check out the introductory tour of the library, familiarise yourself with your campus, it’ll make it so much easier when you start lectures. Most importantly, sign up to the doctors; you want a GP that’s five minutes away, not five miles.

Join a club or society

University is full of amazing clubs and social groups that you won't find anywhere else. It's a great way to meet people, make friends or pick up a new hobby. There's a club for everything from wine tasting to kickboxing - get involved! Sign up to as many that sound interesting, but be realistic with the amount of time you have and don’t forget, you need to actually study - sometimes.

Check out our round-up of the best freshers events across the Midlands:

Staffordshire University 

Move in party - Students Union - Saturday 13th

Silent Disco - LRV - Monday 15th

Comedy Night with Charlie Barker & Paul Chowdry - LRV - Thursday 18th

Pirate Party - Legends at the longue - Friday 19th

Quiz Night - The Lounge - Saturday 20th

Birmingham City Uni

Freshers Welcome Party - Lounge North (Perry Barr Campus) - Saturday 20th

Aloha Party - o2 Academy Birmingham - Monday 22nd

UV Circus - Rainbow Warehouse Birmingham - Tuesday 23rd

BCU Tigers Bar Crawl - Digbeth - Thursday 25th

Players Party Time - Players Bar - Friday 26th

School Disco - Lounge North (Perry Barr Campus) Saturday 27th

Closing Party -Students Union - Sunday 28th

Aston Uni

Meet and Greet - Students Union - Friday 19th

Free Pizza Night -Students Union - Saturday 20th

Karaoke Night - Students Union - Monday 21st

BBQ and Drinks - Students Union - Tuesday 22nd

Aston's Got Talent - Students Union - Friday 26th 

The Big Welcome Party - Students Union -Saturday 27th

Bar Crawl - Starts at Students Union - Monday 29th

UV Madness - Students Union - Wednesday 1st October

Fancy Dress with Ministry of Sound -Students Union - Friday 3rd October

Wolverhampton University (Starts in October)

Welcome Party, Retro Ravers Fancy Dress - Faces Sunday 5th October

Jellybaby Launch Night - Popworld - Monday 6th

#Hashtag Tuesday launch night -The Stone House - Tuesday 7th

Kaos Launch Night - The Grain Store - Wednesday 8th

The Big Event - To be confirmed - Thursday 9th

By Beth Motherwell

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