Home: Greige

On paper, it’s hard to get excited about grey and beige.

Home: Greige

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However, we here at Native Monster are positively giddy about all things greige. Who’d have thought it?

The desired look is elegant, easy to achieve and, what’s more, it works well in any room.

The muted colours and natural textures bring a calmness and sophistication, as well as providing the perfect understated backdrop to display some of your finer items. Gold and silver accessories, for example, look wonderful when set against a background of matte greys.

If you’re decorating with grey, getting the right tone – or “temperature” – of your shade is all-important. The experts recommend always opting for a flat paint rather than high-gloss.

“Otherwise, any beautiful grey you choose will look like industrial metal – imagine a dumpster,” says Mark Chamberlain, a New York City painter and colour expert. “Although flat white wall paint is often avoided because it shows smudges and fingerprints, grey actually hides flaws.”

Latte shades of beige meanwhile are comforting and warm – perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

And again, while ridiculed for years for being dull and boring, beige is actually the perfect canvas to show off your most striking pieces. Hey, if it’s good enough for über-designer, Kelly Hoppen, it’s good enough for us mere mortals. Hoppen is a well-known fan of the shade and uses it to achieve a chic, modern, no-fuss look. She’s decorated plenty of A-list mansions in tones of beige, cream, white and grey to create luxurious and harmonious look – often brought to life with pops of gold, silver, glass and natural wood.

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