Fashion: How to wear colour for men

Real men wear pink. And red. And yellow. And blue. And green.

Yup, don’t think colour is just for the girls this summer, men’s wardrobes up and down the country should be bursting with rainbow brights.

From top-to-toe orange suits to emerald green trousers and azure tuxedo jackets, the future for Spring/Summer 14 is most definitely bright.

A-list celebs everywhere have shunned their classic all-black threads for colour-pop clothes that really make a statement.

George Lamb has been rocking matching ruby red shoes and trousers, while Matt Cardle has gone for yellow trews and Kanye West green.

When it comes to blazers, Mark Ronson contrasted his bright blue number with a mustard yellow sweater, while Matthew McConaughey went for After Eight green.

However, for all you mere mortals out there who rely on black, grey and navy on a day-to-day basis, here are the top tips for wearing colour.

1. Let you accessories do the talking. A bright skinny belt is an effective way of introducing colour without being too OTT.

2. Wear one bright piece at a time. If a top-to-toe carnival of colour is just too much for you, simply wear one statement piece, such as a bright red sweater or sky blue shorts.

3. Know your skin. The darker your skin tone, the bolder and brighter the colour you can get away with.

4. Keep it in the family. Wear contrasting shades of the same colour for an interesting and modern look.

5. Layers are your friend. Piling on the layers allows you to modify your look while you’re out and about and find the right style for each situation.

See? It’s simple when you know how.

Out on the high street right now, Next and the supermarkets are leading the way for bold and bright pieces. 

F+F at Tesco, for example, have this stunning orange tee for just a fiver, while Sainsbury’s have the perfect red jumper for only £12.

At the higher end of the market, these red shoes from Office for £69.99 are not for the faint-hearted. Ditto these green chords for £99 from Marks & Spencer’s Best of British range.

Gorgeous stuff – colour us happy.

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