Some of the best Christmas lights in the Black Country!

Illuminated snowmen, mobile glowing reindeer and dozens of multi-coloured lights are producing dazzling displays as householders pay homage to all things Christmas.

Some of the best Christmas lights in the Black Country!

Gary Hopson with Nicola, Beverly and Stephen Ware with their display of Christmas lights on their homes in Holmon Road, Willenhall

Stephen Ware, his 52-year-old wife Beverley  and 21-year-old daughter Nicola and neighbour Gary Hopson have been dressing up their homes in Holman Road, Willenhall, for more than a decade. 

A large snowman lights up the garden of Mr Ware’s home, while other decorations include an illuminated Father Christmas in his sleigh being pulled by reindeer, and penguins. 

Grandfather-of-four Mr Ware, aged 50, said: “We put them up every year. 

“We do it for the grandchildren and kids in the area who come and look at them.

“A lot of families come around every year. They hear about it through word of mouth. 

“We always buy something new every year but we don’t tend to tell each other what it is. 

“This year, Gary has a couple of new trees. We had bonsai trees in the garden and jingle bells on the front.”

Elsewhere in Willenhall, the family of a woman who lit up Christmas for thousands of youngsters for decades but died earlier this year is carrying on the festive tradition. 

Hilda Creaney died after a battle with cancer in May, aged 70. 

Every Christmas, Mrs Creaney spent hours replying to childrens’ notes to Santa which had been posted in a letter box outside her home in Walsall Street. 

Her home, which she shared with her husband Harry, 83, is again decorated with hundreds of festive lights to keep up the tradition in her honour. 

Harry’s daughter-in-law Marie Creaney, 43, of Canterbury Avenue, Bentley. said: “I did the decorations this year. 

“Hilda would have been in her element. Christmas was her favourite. We always spent hours travelling around garden centres looking for new things.

“There’s lots of decorations outside, including a reindeer whose head moves side to side. 

“Inside, there’s ornaments, decorations and lights everywhere. All the walls and shelves are covered.”

Another house where the lights are shining brightly is in Wentworth Road, Wolverhampton, where Natasha Taggart lives with her husband Jimmy, 33, and stepchildren Jodie, aged 12, Sophie, eight, and Justin, aged five.  An array of  lights in different designs are displayed across the front of the house, while a large Santa is just one of the decorations lighting up the garden. Mrs Taggart, aged 33, said: “There’s loads of lights. We bought more this year. We’ve probably put 20 more lights up this year than we normally do. 

“My partner puts them up for me and the kids because we love it. 

“The stepchildren get very excited about it. They’ve been up for three weeks now. We get lots of people stopping and looking. I love seeing the little kids when they are looking at them.” Another garden in Wentworth Road has a huge arch displaying the words ‘Merry Christmas’, a five foot tall snowman and seven foot tall lit-up Christmas tree.

The home belongs to accident repair specialist Stuart Bibb and his 41-year-old wife Sheila. Grandfather-of-one Mr Bibb, 42, said: “We’ve been doing this for five or six years. This year we’ve got the big arch in the garden, a big snowman and lit-up Christmas tree. I only do it for the older folk over the road and it gets you in the festive spirit. We live across from Wentworth Lodge.

“It doesn’t just please me, it pleases them as well. They come out to see them.” Last year’s Christmas lights shining bright at homes across the Midlands included a decorated dinghy, a singing Santa and huge lit-up children’s characters.

Bill Wakefield, of Hawkley Close, East Park, dressed up his disused dinghy outside his flat. The 12ft long fibreglass sailing dinghy, which took Mr Wakefield days to decorate, boasted two illuminated reindeer at the front, with Santa behind the reigns.

It also had an illuminated snowman behind the mast and a ‘whirlygig’ inside the boat, made up of three windcatchers and three wooden profiles of Santa. 

There was also a festive display at a home in Exeter Place, Alumwell, which helped to spread the Christmas cheer.

A Winnie the Pooh, santas and snowmen brightened up the garden. More festive lights decorated the outside of the house.

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