Blog: Maya's Midland Trends

Maya's back and capturing the fashion trends of Birmingham's sunny streets.

Blog: Maya's Midland Trends

It’s me again! Back with another spring time blog for all you lovely fashionistas.

This week I’ve been making the most of the gorgeous weather and spending every spare minute I can out in the sun…

With Spring in full swing we can finally say adiós to the icy-cold winter months. With the weather being so lovely, last week I took to the streets of Birmingham to check out the fashion scene, and boy it didn't disappoint!

Here are just a few of my favourite fashion styles…

Go Summery

Maya Street Fashion 1

Kannika, Student ~ The Outfit: Dress - Miss Selfridge, Bag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Clarks

Style Inspiration: “mostly online or looking around in shops

Let’s be honest, it wouldn't be a proper Spring/Summer without a summer dress! There are so many out on the high street at the moment, and more still to arrive in the coming months. The dress pictured above is just perfect for the time of year right now! It can be transformed from day to night with a few accessory changes, and would look great either dressed up or down. The floral pattern brings the dress to life, while the floaty-style adds a touch of class and sophistication.

Go Casual-Chic

Catching up with a friend, or going out during the day? A casual event doesn't have to mean wearing boring clothing. Dress casual-chic like these girls below with your staple skinny jeans, a comfy tee and throw over the top a pop of colour or textured jacket for an instant simple, yet elegant look. I absolutely LOVE the sky blue long jacket below - when I found out it was £3 at Primark I just had to get one for myself…I ran over to the store but they had already sold out, just my luck hey.

Maya Street Fashion 4

Left: Kate, student ~ The Outfit: Sleeveless Jacket - Topshop, T-shirt - Topshop, Jeans - River Island, Bag - River Island, Shoes - Next

Style Inspiration: “online, blogs, YouTube… I like Zoella!”

Right: Emily, student ~ The Outfit: Long Jacket - Primark, T-shirt - River Island, Jeans - Topshop, Bag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Public Desire (online) Style Inspiration: “It’s mostly online

Maya Street Fashion 5

Left: Yonlada

Right: Yowadee

Style Inspiration: “looking online and in stores

Go All Black

When I first think of Spring/Summer I think of sunshine, flowers & bright colours. But who says bright colours, or for that matter, any colours, have to be worn. This season I’m seeing more and more people wearing black (from head to toe), and its been quite a pleasant surprise for me. In shops I’ve also seen this trend as layers of blacks, greys, whites and neutral tones have replaced bright, in-your-face colour, and must say I absolutely love it! Black is such a versatile colour that key pieces can be mixed into your Spring-Summer-Autumn&Winter wardrobes without looking tired and outdated.

Maya Street Fashion 2

Left: Ivy, student ~ The Outfit: Shirt - Zara, Jumper - Hong Kong, Trousers - Topshop, Bag - YSL, Shoes - Dr Martens

Right: Qin, student ~ The Outfit: Vintage Hat - China (transcribes as ‘balance’), Trousers  - Vinage, Shoes - Dr Martens 

Maya Street Fashion 3

Hamdiya, student ~ The Outfit: Kimono - H&M, Midi skirt - Miss Selfridge, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Gap, Statement necklace - Coast

Style inspirations: “Jennifer Aniston and Alexa Chung

Go Iconic

Be bold, be brave and wear whatever you feel suits YOU! What you wear and how you dress reflects the person you are. If you like the look below and want to recreate it at home, team a bold printed dress with classic boots, a tailored jacket and finally finish it off with a quirky hair-do!

This Spring/Summer, hair styles are going to play a major role in creating the ultimate fashion statement! Keep an eye out for my future blog on how to recreate the hottest hair-do’s of S/S 2015.

Maya Street Fashion 6

Victoria, stylist ~ The Outfit: Dress: All Saints, Jacket: Religion, Jewellery: & Other Stories, Shoes: The Kooples

Style Inspiration: “from everything around me

Go Floral

What better way to say “Good morning Spring” than with flowers, right?

For me floral has got to be my ultimate favourite key style for this season. I love flowers blossoming, the bright and bold colours of textures and fabrics - it seems whenever I’m in the sunshine my mood instantly goes sky-high!

If you want to add a splash of colour or floral print to awaken your Spring wardrobe look at the outfits below for some style inspiration. 

Maya Street Fashion 8

Fern, works in retail ~ The Outfit: Crop top - Topshop, Trousers - Primark, Shoes - River Island

Maya Street Fashion 7

Ellie, student ~ The Outfit: Dress - Primark, Shoes - Primark

So, which is your favourite street fashion outfit?  Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

A massive thank you goes out to all those featured on this blog, you were all fab and looked absolutely fantastic!!

Read more from me in a fortnight :)

Maya x 

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