House Rules

Please read these rules carefully. They outline what we consider is acceptable and unacceptable user-generated content. We may update the rules from time to time, so please read them before posting your contribution.

Rule 1: We welcome your opinions

We welcome your opinions. We want our readers to see and understand different points of view. In the case of comments or discussions, try to contribute to the thread, rather than just stating if you agree or disagree. Unless you have a witty one-liner, please explain why you hold your opinion.

Rule 2: This is a public forum

Once your comment is online, everyone with Internet access can read it. Please make your comment clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood. You can express a strong opinion but please do not go over the top. Don't forget that you are legally responsible for what you submit. Please consider how your comment could be received by others. Many different types of people of different ages may view your comment.

Rule 3: Language and relevance

Please be polite. Banter is a key part of football discussions, but please keep it reasonable and civil. Do not use swear words or crude or sexual language. Only English is allowed. Keep your submissions relevant to the story or topic. Do not insult other contributions or discuss the removal of any content on this site or the suspension or termination of any users.

Rule 4: Report abuse

We strongly support this site's community in maintaining high standards of participation. If you consider that a comment, or any other type of content on the site, does not comply with these rules or our Terms, please use the relevant Report link, located next to the content at issue. This facility should only be used for serious complaints, not simply because you disagree with something said.

We operate a system of post-moderation and are under no obligation to moderate any content on this site. We expressly exclude our liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of any interactive feature by a user in contravention of these rules.

Rule 5: No libel or other abuse

You must not make or encourage comments which are:

• defamatory, false or misleading;

• insulting, threatening or abusive;

• obscene or of a sexual nature;

• offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups;

• promoting illegal activity; or

• intended to deceive.

Rule 6: Confidentiality, privacy and contempt

Please respect people's privacy. You are not allowed to submit confidential or private information. For example, you must not upload the telephone number, email address or any other contact details of any person without their permission.

You should not write anything which could prejudice pending or ongoing court proceedings of which you are aware. For example, if you have any personal knowledge about someone who has been arrested or charged or being prosecuted for an offence, you must not mention it. If you do, you could be in contempt of court, which is an extremely serious matter.

Rule 7: No advertising, solicitation or investigations

You must not use your contribution for:

• the promotion of any products, services or chain messages or for any other commercial purpose without our prior consent;

• comparative advertising;

• any fraudulent purpose;

• harming or attempting to harm minors;

• sending or procuring the sending of unsolicited emails ,unauthorised advertising or other communications;

• an investigation e.g. tracing the whereabouts of any person.

We retain the right to remove comments that refer to any sponsorship, petition, campaign or scheme, at our discretion.

If you wish to advertise please contact

Rule 8: No impersonation and proper disclosure

You must not pretend to be someone else (e.g. an expert, another user or a member of our team). You must not pretend that you are unconnected to a story or topic, when in fact you are. If you have a personal connection to a story or topic, you should disclose your connection or, where appropriate, not comment at all.

Rule 9: Copyright infringement

You must not infringe another person's copyright, for example by copying and pasting content from another site and using it as your own comment.

You must also not submit copies of photographs taken from third party websites.

Rule 10: Respect the spirit as well as the letter of the House Rules

In deciding what is acceptable, please also respect the spirit and tone of these rules and the community.

Rule 11: Removal of content

Reader comments that violate the letter or spirit of these rules or our Terms may be removed. If we do remove something, we will generally remove whole posts, or where necessary, whole threads (not parts). This means that even if only one sentence is objectionable, the whole comment will usually be removed.