Video and Gallery: Sci-fi stars at Oldbury takeaway

Customers have been welcomed by some fearsome characters on entering a Black Country pizza takeaway in recent weeks.

Video and Gallery: Sci-fi stars at Oldbury takeaway

We’ll be back...for another slice of margherita – owner Karl Camiar 45, from Quinton, with the models

But rather than burly security staff, Sentinos Pizza and Grill in Oldbury has brought in an entirely different form of protection.

While owner Karl Camiar takes pride in his pizza, he is equally satisfied with his other talent – crafting models of famous sci-fi movie characters.

Two of the most famous films from the genre are represented in the takeaway with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator and one of the terrifying creatures from the Alien movies providing the backdrop as diners tuck into their margaritas.

Mr Camiar, who has run the takeaway on Hagley Road West for 18 years, admitted he was unsure of how customers would react when he decided to put his creations on display. He said: “At first I was worried. I thought it might scare the customers.

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“But it has become a landmark. When people say they have been to the pizza shop they say the one with the alien and people know where it is because of that.

“I’m into sci-fi movies and I have always wanted to get hold of things like that but they are very expensive.”

The takeaway owner discovered he was as talented with the paint brush as he was with a pastry brush thanks to a friend who provided him with the Arnold Schwarzenegger face mould.

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From there, he did all the rest, including scouring eBay for replicas of Arnie’s iconic leather jacket and sunglasses. 

It took Mr Camiar around six months to complete.

“It is the mould of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s real face, you can see his wrinkles, so that gave me a great start,” he said.

Another Terminator model was made completely from scratch. Some improvisation was needed to bring the model to life.

Mr Camiar said: “I put expanding foam that they use on building sites in the head. Then I added the colour and make-up to give it a more realistic effect.”

Keen to make his design as realistic as possible, he sourced real hair from local hairdressers.

LED lights were also fitted to provide to replicate the machine’s eyes inside the metal skeleton, arguably the most famous image associated with the character.

His alien model may attract motoring enthusiasts as well as film buffs. It is made out of bike parts, from where he brought the character to life by adding make-up.

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Mr Camiar said: “The parts came from a scrapyard. It was given to me like that, you can see the shock absorbers in the legs. I did the coating and all the cosmetics.” He also touched up Pinhead from Hellraiser, which has joined the others on display.

Such has been the reaction from customers, it has got Mr Camiar considering beginning a second career.

He said: “I realised it was something else I could do, I’m more serious about it now. I am thinking of opening up a showroom.

“The demand is there, people want to see it. People are taking photographs with them and want to buy them, they are asking me how much I want for it – they want it in their living room.”

He has already begun thinking about his next project, and is considering turning towards action heroes and creating Bruce Willis’ white-vested terrorist thwarter John McClane from the Die Hard movies.

He said: “I have been thinking about making Bruce Willis and Iron Man. 

“But I’m not sure about Iron Man. He’s too colourful, I don’t know if I can do it.”

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