Top 15 curry houses in the Midlands and Shropshire

The Brits are no strangers to the delicious eastern cuisine that is curry.

If you’re from the West Midlands you’ll know that you can’t go far without seeing a curry house - or two. Birmingham itself has an area located just south of the city centre referred to by many as the ‘Balti Triangle’ or ‘Curry Mile’.

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Here are a few of our favourites:

Cafe India – Ivetsey Bank, Staffordshire

cafe india
Cafe India

Found on the main stretch of the A5 between Weston Park and Gailey, Cafe India, formerly a Little Chef, is home to a large variety of Indian and Bangladeshi dishes. They serve hearty traditional dishes through to delicious anomalies from their recently updated menu. 

It has received a five-star rating from

To visit Cafe India's website, click here.

Lamp – Wednesbury, Birmingham

lamp google street view
Lamp. Pic: Google Street View

The menu features around 20 different starters, including kebabs, tikka, pakora and stuffed peppers. There are a number of house specialities and special tawa dishes alongside conventional curry dishes. There are also a handful of chef’s recommendations, which features dishes like lamb badam pasanda, cooked with yoghurt, herbs and a nutty, creamy curry. The food is all reasonably priced.

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Sanam Balti – Chadsmoor, Cannock

Sanam Balti

Having won several awards over the last few years for best Balti house, Sanam Balti is regarded as one of the best in the area. The menu has a vast amount to choose from, using a wide variety of herbs and spices as a way of delighting their customers’ tastebuds. The business has chosen not to serve alcoholic drinks, however they do allow you to bring your own.

For more details on Sanam Balti, click here to visit their website.

Regards – Aldridge, Walsall


The curries here feel quite light for their food type. Sometimes Indian food can be too rich and heavy, but this is certainly not the case here.

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Dilshad – Chadsmoor, Cannock

The Dilshad

An award winning Indian restaurant located in Cannock, it was established in 1979 as one of the first curry houses in the area. Decades later its popularity has never wavered, possibly as a result of the friendly staff and the chef’s ability to create a menu which is an exotic amalgamation of ingredients which he then presents on the menu via region and type.

To visit Dilshad’s website, click here.

Pangea – Kings Heath, Birmingham

panagea google street view
Pangea. Pic: Google Street View

Pangea is proud to boast a multi ethnic approach to cooking, which fuse the best of Indian food with that of local food. Its interior is simple yet sophisticated, with a relaxed open feel many of us crave when dining. It was voted by Kings Heath Business excellence awards as the gold winner for dining experience and takeaway, and its customer service has gained the silver award.

Breaking down its menu you’ll easily be able to find a dish at Pangea that best suits your individual tastes. So don’t worry about being too mild mouthed or spicy tongued for your other diners, this establishment is here to help you have a personal experience through food whilst enjoying the company of others.

Click here to visit Pangea’s website.

Five Rivers – Vicarage Place, Walsall

five rivers
Five Rivers

The à la carte menu has no less than 15 starters to choose from, and a massive 23 mains and the drinks menu is just as extensive.

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The Kings Repose – Featherstone, Wolverhampton

kings repose
The Kings Repose

Found on New Road, The Kings Repose is open seven days a week from 5:30pm until midnight. Many of its customers describe it as a culinary experience of a lifetime. This, in the eyes of its owners, is due to the use of fresh produce, and has been rated as possibly the finest eatery of it type not only in the West Midlands, but the United Kingdom. 

The building itself is an asset to the business as it holds much history within it. Being of Tudor origin, it once housed King Charles II.

See the restaurant's website here.

Lasan – Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham


Lasan’s in a league of its own. So much more than just a posh curry; it boasts exceptional ingredients, imaginative and skilled cooking and elegant surroundings.

Click here to see a review of the restaurant.

Saffron Cottage – Ford, Shropshire

saffron cottage google street view
Saffron Cottage. Pic: Google Street View

With the aim of building a strong rapport with their customers, Saffron Cottage offers a relaxed atmosphere, and the highest standard quality of food. A curry house which offers both an eat-in and take-out service, it has not just one menu, but four. 

It is pleasing to see that Shropshire establishments like this are up to the challenge of presenting authentic Indian cuisine to the public, and it goes down a treat.

Visit Saffron Cottage’s website here.

Raja Monkey – Hall Green, Birmingham

raja monkey
Raja Monkey. Pic:

Raja Monkey is open six days a week (Monday being the exception) and if you visit the website you’re able to download a £10 off voucher which you can take with you for your next meal.

The menu comprises of a wide range of choices all at an affordable price. Having something for everyone, a group of people would struggle to find a dish that someone didn’t want.

View Raja Monkey’s website by clicking here.

Panacea – Shrewsbury


Panacea provides an upmarket twist on conventional flavours from India. It occupies a niche somewhere between curry house and fine dining.

Fans of Indian food usually have to travel to Birmingham, Cardiff or London to taste the sort of dishes served by the Panacea team. Devotees are fortunate indeed to have a restaurant of that quality right on their doorstep.

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Pushkar – Broad Street, Birmingham


Bishal Rasaily, Pushkars’ award winning head chef has created a menu which blends a mixture of fresh ingredients which traditional and contemporary ideas. Bishal holds the belief that with natural produce, no additives, E-numbers or artificial colorants his recipes are clean refined dishes which best reflect classic Punjab and North Indian dining. 

Located on Broad Street, a main social artery within Birmingham, Pushkar has a cocktail bar which has staff eager to show off their talents of entertainment and ‘mixology’. They invite you to come and join their experience which exudes class, glamour, ambience, all whilst being surrounded by tasteful decor.

To read more about Pushkar, click here.

Vhujon – Bewdley, Kidderminster


The staff are friendly and attentive without being intrusive and make sure you have everything you need. It’s a very efficient and well-oiled machine with fantastic food.

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Asha’s – Newhall Street, Birmingham

Asha's. Pic:

Owned by Hindi cinema actress Asha Bhosle, Asha’s is a not only found in Manchester and other locations around the world, but also in the centre of Birmingham. The restaurant is a Toptable Diners Choice 2014 winner, and it has also been included in the Michelin Guide consecutively since 2009. 

In Asha’s you will not only find a restaurant, but also a cocktail bar placed there to entertain guests late into the evening.

To read more about Asha’s, click here.

By Jake Trubridge

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