Shrewsbury Food Festival voted one of UK's greenest

A food festival in Shropshire is one of the greenest in the UK because it recycles 81 per cent of its waste. That helps save enough energy to boil a kettle 37,382 times.

Shrewsbury Food Festival voted one of UK's greenest

Fans at this year's Shrewsbury Food Festival

Shrewsbury Food Festival collects more than five tonnes of waste each year at The Quarry Park, in Shrewsbury – even though it costs organisers a ‘small fortune’ to save leftover food, cardboard and other materials from being thrown in the bin.

Today the festival’s Director of Fun, Beth Heath, said the event was proud of its record and determined to do even better in years to come.

She said it had received an environmental audit from Credibly Green, which showed how well it was doing at collecting waste.

The report shows that Shrewsbury Food Festival generated 6.37 tonnes of waste and managed to recycle 5.17 tonnes, with only 1.2 tonnes being sent for energy recovery. The report said: “For the event in Shrewsbury, total carbon dioxide equivalent emissions associated with waste management activities were an impressive –1.9 tonnes of CO2. This is a fantastic recycling performance.

Mrs Heath said there were small areas that could be improved upon.

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