Video and gallery: Big eater Randy Santel is no match for Walsall fry-up food challenge

Youtube sensation Randy Santel – famous for wolfing down belt-busting portions of food in record time – met his match at a Midlands cafe.

Video and gallery: Big eater Randy Santel is no match for Walsall fry-up food challenge

Cafe owner Dave Cheetham and Randy Santel

Randy, who hails from America and is known as a professional eater and body builder, is on a tour of the UK taking in the biggest food challenges that these shores have to offer.

But a recent visit to Dave’s Cafe on Walstead Road West, Walsall, saw the 29 year old beaten by a behemoth breakfast challenge not once, but twice.

The meal contains five of everything you would associate with a typical English fry-up – egg, sausage, fried bread, you get the picture – as well as an omelette and chips for good measure.

The challenge is to eat the lot in just 30 minutes, which proved too much even for the experienced scoffer at his first attempt two weeks ago. He returned on Saturday and was given a whole hour to clear his plate, but fell short yet again.

Cafe owner Dave Cheetham said: “It looks to me like I can’t be beaten. It was great having Randy over the first time. I saw his videos and got in touch with him on Facebook asking if he fancied taking on our challenge.

“We had a great time and it was a shame he fell short, so we welcomed him back and even gave him extra time. However, it doesn’t look like he can handle what we have on offer here,” he said.

Randy has been regularly updating his YouTube account with videos of his challenges, however you suspect that this may not be one he wishes to look back on.

His YouTube channel has more than 100 videos of him taking on challenges such as eating a 10lb calzone and a 6lb steak burrito.

More than 218,000 people have subscribed to his YouTube channel. 

After his defeat at the hands of Dave’s Cafe’s breakfast challenge, Randy said: “The challenge at Dave’s Cafe was delicious as expected, but the outcome didn’t go as planned. I got pretty close within the 30-minute time limit during my last attempt so I figured I would be able to finish within the one hour time limit this time. 

“I changed up my strategy a bit and it apparently didn’t work. I ended up getting sick with all 10 slices of oversized bread remaining.

“I’ve beaten larger challenges, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is whether you were ready for the particular challenge you are facing on that particular day and I wasn’t.

“This was my 25th challenge attempt during the last three to four weeks and I wasn’t at peak performance. Thanks to Dave’s Cafe for letting me come in again and try their undefeated challenge,” he said.

Joining Randy was Daz Middleton, of Cannock. He wanted to take part because he was a fan of Randy – but he was beaten too. To ensure Randy’s visit didn’t end on a sour note, the cafe gave him one final chance to try a reduced breakfast challenge on Sunday.

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