Cannock's Saleem Bagh celebrates 25 years of service

Things are hotting up for an Indian restaurant which marked its opening 25 years ago by bringing a live elephant to the streets of Cannock.

Cannock's Saleem Bagh celebrates 25 years of service

Celebrating milestone – Saleem Bagh owner Angur Miah and some of his staff mark the Cannock restaurant’s silver anniversary

The opening of Saleem Bagh back in 1991 was an extravagant affair which brought the town to a standstill, as Chairman of Cannock Chase District Council at the time, Roy Bagguley, rode in on a live elephant.

Since then it has attracted the attention of food critics and won a host of awards.

Now, owners are marking the silver anniversary of the Queens Square restaurant with a string of celebrations involving bhangra dancers, live music and a 25 per cent discount on all eat in and take away meals. The first celebration event took place at the weekend, with another party organised for October 21.

The restaurant will run its third unique event on October 28 when it hosts ‘Staffordshire’s Hottest Curry Evening’, which will be free to enter for those brave enough to try some of the county’s hottest curries.

All entrants will receive a free main meal voucher with celebratory t-shirts and prizes for the winners.

The restaurant also still employs the same chef who started his journey with Saleem Bagh all those years ago, Taymus Ali, who specialises in a nine course banquet which has been enjoyed by many over the decades.

Owner Angur Miah, who has run the restaurant since its opening, said the first event was a great success. He said: “We like to celebrate properly, as we did with our opening, and this was no different.

“If we didn’t put on a second night to mark our anniversary there would have been a lot of unhappy customers.”

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