Feather boas and fishnet stockings at the ready... It's Rocky time!

Last night saw the cult fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show start the party in Wolverhampton. Our reviewer Jody Ball tells us what she thought.

It’s quite hard to describe the spectacle that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Walking past the Grand Theatre last night you might have thought there was a transvestite convention going on.

With feather boas, corsets and fish net stockings at the ready, the cross dressing cast and army of fans were definitely out in force and ready to party.

The 40th anniversary tour is one not to miss so be sure to catch it at the Grand this week because it’s their last week of the tour.

Rocky Horror has a cult following. Those that know the show dress up, sing along and even shout inappropriate things with great comedic timing, sending the audience, and at times the cast into hysterics.

No two showings of the play are the same and this is what makes the show magic - I found myself really laughing out loud at these unrehearsed ‘heckles’ and ad-libs!

The music really makes the show incredible though and it didn't disappoint last night. Favourites such as The Time Warp brought us all to our feet and Sweet Transvestite which introduces Frank-N-Furter made us roar and cheer with excitement.

There are no weak links in this production. The singing is flawless; the sets are brilliant, the choreography perfect and the casting...? It felt as if every person on that stage was destined for the role they were playing.

Oliver Thornton worked the role as Frank, Dani Harmer known from children’s TV show Tracy Beaker and Strictly made you believe Janet’s journey from an innocent to a loose women was real, and Brad is played brilliantly by Ben Forster.

The narrator Phillip Franks really added to the show with his well researched ad-libs about the Black Country and local news. His performance just got better as the night went on though and he finished spectacularly, ripping off his trousers at the end to reveal the obligatory fishnets and suspenders.

The original script, written by Richard O’Brien, is a mix of a love story and the story of Frankenstein with a bit of camp theatrics thrown in.

Brad and Janet’s acceptance of their own needs and feelings is summed up with the shows message, ‘Don’t dream it, be it’. It leaves the audience something to take away too. 

There was a well deserved standing ovation for the cast who pulled off opening night in Wolverhampton perfectly.

And of course we got up and had a dance at the end – it's a must!

Just watch who you take with you because there are a few rude bits.

Rocky Horror runs until Saturday. 

Sings **Let’s do the Time Warp again**

By Jody Ball

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