Gallery & Video: Singalongafrozen comes to Wolves Grand

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Gallery & Video: Singalongafrozen comes to Wolves Grand

The lights are dimmed as the spectacular afternoon begins, bringing joy to hundreds

Too right they do! Hundreds of mini Elsas, Annas and Olafs wanted to do just that at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre – or to sing it anyway.

Yes, much to the despair of long-suffering parents everywhere, Singalongafrozen was in town yesterday.

Frozen, the most successful animated film of all time, has an army of dedicated fans who know every line, every song, every flick of hair, every snowdrop.

They are the divas with the dresses and the dolls and that was more than obvious during the screening. Little girls turned up in Elsa dresses, little boys in Olaf costumes and there were tiaras, wands and action figures as far as the eye could see.

The movie was projected onto a huge screen at the Grand, with the lyrics to hits including Do You Want to Build a Snowman? and Let It Go (come on, how many times have you heard it now? 50? 100?) broadcast to the crowd. Not that they needed the words, mind.

The event started with warm-up man Hurdy Gurdy asking the packed audience for their favourite character. The biggest cheers came for Elsa, whose magical powers help save the day and the kingdom of Arendelle.

Destiny Burrell, nine, from Underhill, Wolverhampton, came along with her sister Harmony, seven, and said: “Frozen shows how important sisters are to each other and that if you believe in yourself anything can happen.

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“We love Elsa but Harmony’s favourite song is Summer, she thinks Olaf is funny.”

The wider appeal of the film could be seen as parents in the crowd got involved with the show, some singing the words with as much passion as their little ones.

Its magic crosses gender boundaries too, unifying young boys and girls.

Father Adam Gallagher, from Newport, brought five-year-old daughter Elsie and four-year-old son Albie, who was dressed up as Olaf.

Mr Gallagher said: “The kids are constantly singing the songs or watching the film, they really love it.

“I know the words inside out myself now, I couldn’t even start to imagine how many times I have saw it.

“Albie loves Olaf the snowman and the reindeer, I think boys tend to like him because he is such a funny character.”

Meanwhile, 43-year-old Jody Astbury, from Pelsall, worked on her homemade Elsa dress for over a month in preparation for the singalong.

She said: “I just love Frozen and anything Disney. “I was singing just as loud as anyone else, I have seen the film countless times and think getting involved at an event like this is a great idea. My favourite song is Let It Go, I think that is the one that really moves people.”

More than 900 tickets were sold for the show, prompting bosses at the Grand to schedule another two performances on March 25.

The film tells the story of Princess Anna who sets off on an epic journey alongside the unwitting iceman, Kristoff and his loyal reindeer, Sven to find her estranged  sister, Elsa whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. They are joined on the adventure by the loveable snowman Olaf. Its emotional storyline and catchy songs have struck a chord with youngsters all over the world, making it the highest grossing release from Walt Disney Pictures, with more than a £1 billion recruited in box office sales.

The success of the singalong event all over the country, alongside continuously high DVD sales and radio airplay for main hit Let it Go, by Idina Menzel, indicate the films popularity is showing no signs of waning any time soon. 

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And Disney bosses announced over the weekend that a sequel will be made, meaning youngsters will have a whole new story and song book to learn in a few years time.

Parents, you have been warned.

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