Gallery and video: Chuckle Brothers come to Wolverhampton for Peter Pan panto

Being one of the nation's favourite double acts since Cannon and Ball is no mean feat, but it's something the Chuckle Brothers have effortlessly become after more 40 years in the business.

Gallery and video: Chuckle Brothers come to Wolverhampton for Peter Pan panto

The cast of Peter Pan: John Altman, The Chuckle Brothers and Ross Carpenter

From throwing custard pies into the faces of unwitting audience members to laughter-filled shenanigans on TV, the Chuckle Brothers have made entertaining young and old their life's work. Peter Pan, their latest pantomime adventure, will certainly be no different. 

"1967 saw us take on our first role in television", explains a beaming Paul. 

"It was Opportunity Knocks hosted by Hughie Green, and straight away our chemistry of being brothers gave us a real edge".
Barry, the older of the two Chuckles thinks their relationship really helps their stage shows. "I can predict what Paul will do, and this makes the shows run a lot smoother," he said.

"Although we do love it when things go wrong; that's part of what we do!"

Peter Pan will be their third pantomime in Wolverhampton - and their view the venue couldn't be better. 

"The Grand is a fantastic venue, the audience are always fantastic and this makes the shows even more enjoyable for us" says Paul. 

"We've worked with members of the cast before, and we really can't wait to get started with rehearsals."
With experience comes confidence, and the Chuckles have put nerves behind them: "We don't have any pre-show rituals or anything like that. Performing really does just come naturally. Although sometimes I do like a lie down before I go on - sometimes I even doze off!" 

And the Brothers haven't slowed down as they've grown older - with Barry recently turning 70 - and there is little the duo haven't tried their hand at. 

Memorably the brothers released their own rap single last year along with the help of good friend Tinchy Stryder. 

"We met Tinchy on Celebrity Juice in 2012, and we instantly struck up a great friendship. He told us how he used to run home from school everyday to watch Chucklevision," they said.

Paul is social media savvy, and his tendency to upload regular selfies with Tinchy led to requests from Twitter followers about when the rap record was coming out. 

"So we thought, why not! Let's do it! We went to his house in North London where he has his studio and eventually ended up live on Radio One - they said it was the best live lounge session they've ever had!"

The Chuckle Brothers will take on the roles of Paul and Barry Smee and will be joined by ex-Eastenders villain John Altman as Captain Hook and young up-and-coming actor Ross Carpenter as Peter Pan.

Peter Pan will run at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from December 12 till January 24.

By Steven Ecott
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