Display at Shropshire bookshop to chart life of actor Martin Benson

An exhibition on the life of a film and TV actor who appeared in hundreds of productions from the 1940s to the 2000s will be going on display in the bookshop of his stepson.

Display at Shropshire bookshop to chart life of actor Martin Benson

Signed - Martin Benson as Mr Solo with Sean Connery in Goldfinger

Martin Benson was a well-known British character actor who appeared in such films as Goldfinger, Anthony and Cleopatra, The King and I and Angela’s Ashes, as well as playing the Vogon captain in the classic sci-fi comedy series The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

He passed away aged 91 in 2010, and now his stepson Sheridan Swinson, who runs Aardvark books in Brampton Bryan, close to Bucknell, near Ludlow, will be celebrating his career with an exhibition called An Actor’s Life, opening on June 18.

Sheridan said: “When my mother first proposed that we put on an exhibition about Martin, I had mixed feelings as I was still mourning his passing, and I was worried that it would be too emotional.

“As the show has come together however it has been a wonderful experience, as drawer after drawer of the most fantastic material has come to light.”

He said there were hundreds of photographs from Benson’s time in Hollywood and unique material from the Second World War when he acted in and organised large entertainments for the troops in Britain and the Middle East.

“Martin was truly the most remarkable man,” Sheridan said.

The exhibition runs until June 26 during bookshop hours.

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