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    • Emma
    We had the same slow, lagging service, and were squished into a corner on a busy Sunday afternoon even though we'd booked. The waitress took forever trying to take our order on some sort of iPhone device - what's wrong with good old fashioned pen and paper? She didn't seem to know how to use it and it was a miracle our order did go through correctly. When the food eventually arrived (almost 50 minutes after being seated!!), the portions were tiny and the bread ridiculously meagre. It seems people can't take criticism, as changes definitely need to be made here. It's a shame because it could be a nice pub with decent food - it just seems to be about profit, squishing in customers and falling short on the portions. They don't even let you keep sauces on the table, they just bring over tiny pots with little teaspoons for you to scoop out onto your plate while feeling guilty as the waiter/waitress stands by the table waiting for you to finish before whisking them off!