So, you want to be a zoo keeper...?

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a zoo keeper, Dudley Zoo can help. They provide the chance to become a zoo keeper for the day and and get up close and personal to endangered animals. We went along with our video camera and had a go...

As far as most desired job,  it's got to be up there... But there is a lot more to being a zoo keeper than playing with and cuddling the animals... 

When we heard Dudley Zoo offered the chance to become a zoo keeper for the day, we couldn't wait to give it a go. The experience offers visitors the chance to feed, clean and care for many of the animals at the zoo, including Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers, Bornean orangutans, Tibetan red pandas, Rothschild giraffes, Madagascan lemurs, and the largest UK parent-rearing colony of Humboldt penguins.

Packages vary in price and all help to support Dudley’s vital conservation programmes. They also help to pay for special animal treats, toys, bedding, health checks, food bills, heating and more. 

Whether you’re big or small we think this is a must for all animal lovers... And you never know, you might have a budding zoo keeper in the making! 

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