Top 10 active summer activities

The summer holidays are well and truly here.

And if the idea of the kids spending so much time in front of the TV they leave a bum-shaped impression in the sofa fills you with dread, fear not because help is at hand.

Whether it is scaling the heights and pretending to be Tarzan on the aerial rope adventures around Baggeridge or Sandwell Valley, getting pulled along behind a motorboat on Chasewater or hurtling through the forest on a mountain bike, an adrenaline-fuelled and action-packed holiday awaits anyone who can be persuaded to put aside Gran Turismo 6 or Fifa 14 and actually go outdoors during the long break from the classroom.

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Some of these ideas do cost money of course, but there are others that will not require you to spend a single penny.

Girls can take part in free netball sessions in Stourbridge, while youngsters anywhere can go online to get ideas on doing 10 minute bursts of activity including old playground games such as dodgeball.

For those with a creative streak there are theatre workshops being staged all over the West Midlands ranging from free admission up to £150.

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Here’s our recommendations for active things to try your hand at.

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