Gallery: Art on display for International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge

Wish you were here? Feasting your eyes on this stunning exhibition of brightly-coloured glass postcards may well make you wish you were.

The delicate pieces of art, on display at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Amblecote, have been brought together to form a giant glass wall to welcome visitors to this year’s International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge.

The annual festival celebrating the town’s glassmaking heritage got under way on Monday and features breathtaking exhibitions of intricate glassworks – but the collection of postcards is considered by some as the jewel in the crown.

There are 168 postcards in total and each tells its own story having been delicately crafted over many hours by members of the Contemporary Glass Society. The group, which is known for coming up with unusual and wacky exhibitions, settled on the postcard for this year’s festival. Project leaders said they wanted to celebrate the postcard’s simplicity and the fact they can ‘say so much with so little’.

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Victoria Scholes, a former chairman of the group, said: “Postcards have a long and fascinating history. 

“This deceptively simple form of communication is more than just words and pictures. 

“It delivers a glimpse of another life, a renewed friendship, a shared joke with a specially chosen image that all say so much with so little. 

“The Contemporary Glass Society has challenged its members to send in a glass postcard and the result is a stunning exhibition of more than 150 glass postcards.”

Visitors will also have the chance to take their favourite postcard home with them, with each piece for sale for between £50 and £150.

Each member has taken what they believe a postcard means and converted it into a piece of art, some fun and quirky featuring a variety of colours, with others more moody and dark in appearance.

The International Festival of Glass is running all week, with numerous events celebrating the town’s heritage in making glass.

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