Thousands enjoy West Park firework spectacular

The night sky was illuminated with an array of colours as families from across the region flocked to bonfire night celebrations.

Rockets shot into the sky and excited children waved sparklers as celebrations took place across the West Midlands.

Thousands of people flocked to West Park in Wolverhampton for this year’s firework and lights spectacular. A huge bonfire was lit before a huge firework display. Families also enjoyed a funfair, food and music.

Leanne Kelly was at the display with her eight-year-old son Kyle, a pupil at St Michael’s School in Penn.

Miss Kelly, of Merry Hill, who works in sales said: “We’ve been coming to the West Park firework display for years. We’ve really enjoyed it this year, the fireworks were impressive. It normally rains for this event so it was nice that it stayed dry for once.”

Rachel Evans, aged 33, of Finchfield, enjoyed an evening out with her 35-year-old husband Mark.

“It’s been really good fun,” said Mr Evans.

“There was a really good mix of fireworks and it’s great that the weather held off.”

Daniel Butler, aged 25, watched the fireworks with Zoe Enefer, aged 23, five-year-old Michael Enefer and Lizzie Enefer, aged eight. Miss Enefer, of Willenhall, said: “It was a really good fireworks display.” Hundreds also stood around the gates of the city’s park to watch the colourful display.

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