The real magic behind Drayton Manor Park

It attracts more than a million visitors a year, but what is it that makes Drayton Manor Park so special? We went to capture the magic behind the multi-million pound attraction on camera.

Perhaps untypical of most big UK attractions, Drayton Manor started and has continued to be run as a family business. 

The land was formally the derelict Peel Estate, once belonging to Sir Robert Peel, twice British prime minister and creator of the Metropolitan police.

George and Vera Bryan bought the land 64 years ago with help from their parents, with the ambition of turning it into a pleasure park. Seven months later, they opened the park with three hand operated rides, a small makeshift restaurant and party tea room,  half a dozen row boats and a number of pedal cars. 

Their son, Colin, who was just 15 months old when they brought the park is now the Managing Director of the multi-million pound attraction.

Drayton Manor Park now attracts more than a million pleasure seekers every year, whether it’s for the thrill of the white-knuckle rides, the family experience of Europe’s first Thomas Land or to see all the many animal species in the park’s zoo.

We went along with our video camera to find out what makes this theme park so special.

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