Gallery: Travel back in time at Kinver Edge Rock Houses

Bread will be baked and games played at historic rock houses for the first time since families lived in them decades ago.

Gallery: Travel back in time at Kinver Edge Rock Houses

Bread will be baked and games played at a rare behind-the-scenes event at the rock houses of Kinver Edge

A rare behind-the-scenes event is being held at the Holy Austin Rock Houses, on Kinver Edge, on Saturday to mark the launch of the new season. Visitors will be able to join volunteers as they light fires and get the houses ready for full opening.

At one of the houses, restored to how it appeared in Victorian times, bread will be baked on the range for the first time since the last family to live there moved out in the 1940s.

People will see how families living in the houses would have prepared their food using traditional methods and get a chance to taste the end results.

It will take place in the front parlour of the house – while in the adjacent bedroom people will be able to try their hand at rag-rugging, making a new rug out of different pieces of material. The end result will be put on display inside the house at a later date.

The parlour is fitted out with a traditional Victorian range along with a table and chairs.

And at a neighbouring house, which has been refitted to how it would have appeared in the 1930s, children will be able to play traditional games such as cup and ball, or practice their skills with a hula hoop.

The behind the scenes visit will take place at 10am with the houses fully open at 11am.

There will also be short guided rambles over Kinver Edge. 

And in honour of when the occupants of the rock houses used to grow their own vegetables in their gardens youngsters will be able to plant a bean trail nearby.

Custodian of the rock houses, Mike Parker, said: “It’s a hugely exciting time for us, we’re really bringing the place to life and adding another dimension to the visitor experience.” 

Throughout the spring, staff and volunteers will be working with visitors to find out what they would like to see happening in the houses and on Kinver Edge. 

This year opening hours are also being extended at the rock houses.

People can look around from 11am to 4pm on Thursday, to Sunday until the end of November.

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