Gallery: Sutton the elephant cools off at West Midland Safari Park

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Baby elephant Sutton cools off as he takes his first dip in a paddling pool at West Midland Safari Park at Bewdley.

As he splashed around in the pool, his mother, 22-year-old Five was keeping a close lookout for trouble. 

The young elephant has been named Sutton in memory of inspirational Burntwood teenager Stephen Sutton who lost his battle with cancer just days after the elephant’s birth.

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He was born only a few weeks ago and now weighs 130kg.

Sutton is the first elephant to be born at the park since it opened 41 years ago and head elephant keeper Andy Plumb said: “The baby elephant is absolutely perfect, just like his mother, and both have been doing fine.

“He was born following artificial insemination.

“The youngster’s father is from the privately owned Phinda Reserve in South Africa. The birth was an uncomplicated one and Five clearly adores her new baby.

He added: “We are all absolutely over the moon that mother and baby are doing well. It is incredible to think of the worldwide effort that has been put in to produce such a beautiful new baby.”

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More than 4,000 suggestions for names out of 5,000 submitted via social media were for either Stephen or Sutton.

Stephen, who raised £4.2m for Teenage Cancer Trust, was pictured hugging the baby’s mother in January.

The park has two female African elephants and his aunt, Latabe, aged 21, will also be looking after him.

Both Five and Latabe arrived at the park in 1998 when they were just six and five-years-old respectively.

They were orphaned by the shooting of their mothers when they were a few days old and they were then hand-reared in a private elephant orphanage in Pretoria in South Africa.

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