Gallery: Red By Night at Black Country Living Museum

The night’s sky glowed red like the flames in a furnace as a museum showcased life in the industrial heartland of the Black Country.

Families packed into the Black Country Living Museum for its Red by Night event under the stars this weekend.

As the sun set, the fun began as the heritage museum joined other attractions across the country to take part in the annual Museums at Night festival in which attractions open up in the evening.

The museum’s village was alive with colour as darkness descended, with live demonstrations including an impressive fire show outside the Bottle and Glass Inn. Hundreds of people gathered around to watch as demonstrator and fire juggler Paul ‘Moggy’ Morris breathed flames for the crowds. They had the chance to see many of the museum’s main exhibits as they had never seen them before, during darkness.

Candlelight and lamps proved the best way to discover more of the history of the region as many of the houses and shops were lit with an orange glow as people went inside to take a closer look.

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The fair’s Victorian helter skelter and stalls were illuminated to dazzle visitors to the event on Saturday – as the sounds of the Wurlitzer organ filled the air. People could also try their hand at traditional games including the coconut shy.

As a chill breeze blew in, families huddled together to sample one of the museum’s highlights – a bag of freshly cooked fish and chips.

Museum staff also linked up with Dudley College students for the project as they put on a range of dramatic performances.

Students selected the museum’s usually unoccupied settings including the Blacksmith House, Anchor Forge and Lench’s Oliver Shop to house unique showcases.

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