Glamping - the luxury way of getting close to nature

Luxury isn't the first word you'd associate with camping and the great outdoors, but think again. The glamping (glamorous, luxury camping) craze has well and truly hit the Midlands.

Glamping - the luxury way of getting close to nature

Latitude Festival

Images of the muddy fields of Glastonbury are enough to put anyone off a traditional tent-based holiday experience - but glamping lets you take advantage of yurts and tepees without having to compromise on comfort in the great outdoors. 

Let's face it, camping isn't for everyone, so instead of struggling with poles and canvas, glamping offers a shabby-chic style, pre-constructed tent with everything you need including beds, cookers, hot running water, and electricity - all ready and waiting in a tranquil countryside setting. 

Latitude festival, in Suffolk, has seen organisers cash in on comfort over the last couple of years expanding their luxury campsite to include a number of five metre-wide bell tents, fully furnished and carpeted, complete with flowers and chocolates on the linen pillows - and even a lockable canvas door.

The Midlands itself has jumped on the glamping bandwagon too, offering a number of sites. 

The top 3 local sites to try:

Glamping West Midlands - a look inside
1. Glamping West Midlands, Mere Hall, Enville
They offer 2 yurt sites, with llamas, and are situated near a number of attractions for all the family. 

Upper Shadymoor Farm
2. Upper Shadymoor Farm, Stapleton, Shrewsbury
Who have red deer roaming the surrounding forests. They also have boats, fishing and swimming available with a cheeky hot tub.

Lipley Farm
3. Lipley Farm, Moss Lane, Cheswardine, Shropshire
Where you can really get involved at the farm site by taking part in milking the cows and take a farm tour. 

Nothing's better than a secluded spot with the comforts of home. Why not try glamping yourself. 

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