Video and gallery: Wild Zoological Park to open near Wolverhampton

A new zoo is to open in the West Midlands ready for the six weeks holiday, boosting an array of exotic animals all in open plan enclosures.

Video and gallery: Wild Zoological Park to open near Wolverhampton

Head keeper, Jamie Carter from Pattingham with Keith the wallaby

The Wild Zoological Park, located in Halfpenny Green vineyard, Upper Whitmore Farm, Tom's Lane, Bobbington, is a non-traditional zoo focusing on the conservation of animals and their natural habitats.

The zoo is aiming to open to the public in time for the six-week holiday period, and will create a handful of new jobs as well as opportunities for volunteering. 

Zachary Hollinshead, zoo director, said: "We are slightly different from the normal zoos and the safari park in that we want our zoo to be more of an interactive experience. 

"None of our animals are in cages, but are kept in large natural-style enclosures. Our thought behind this is basically, 'would we like to be in a cage?' and of course the answer is no, so we've worked around that to make sure all the animals have enough space. 

"We want to be ambassadors for conservation and the preservation of wildlife and their natural habitats."

The zoo will feature a variety of exotic animals including 'bearcats' aka binturongs, parrots, miniature leopards, lamas, otters, cranes, honey bears, mini crocodiles aka dwarf caimans, and ground hornbills - one of which recently managed to escape its enclosure and flew around Wolverhampton. 

"The female hornbill, Amelda managed to get out and do some circuits of the city but we were able to track her down and return her to her boyfriend, Kevin."

The zoo recently hit the headlines after a four-month-old red neck wallaby was pictured after the AA were called out to repair the Renault Kangoo it was travelling in.

"Matilda travels everywhere with us at the moment," Mr Hollinshead added. "She required round the clock care - so feeding every three hours, since her mother passed away. 

"Her mother's milk was quite weak because she was so ill, so we're looking to build up Matilda and help her grow. We were on the way back to the zoo when we had the breakdown."

The infant wallaby is part of a large family of kangaroos and similar animals that will be living in the zoo. 

For more information on the zoo, visit or visit the centre's Facebook page.

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