Video and gallery: Crowds view vintage vehicles at Walsall Classic Car show

Around 1,000 people came out to see some of the finest pieces of machinery ever made at the 26th annual Walsall Classic Car Show.

Video and gallery: Crowds view vintage vehicles at Walsall Classic Car show

Stephen Smith with his 1924 Model T Hot Rod at the 26th Walsall Classic Car Show prepares to meet visitors

The show saw 500 vehicles ranging from vintage sports cars to Hot Rods and motorbikes roll onto Walsall Arboretum to be displayed in all their glory.

The event marked the beginning of a new era for the yearly showcase.

It is now being run by Gemini Events after Geoff and Linda Price, of Transtar Promotions, called time on their management after 25 years.

Stephen Smith, events director at Gemini, said: “We had a great time, the show was really well attended and we had some fantastic cars on display.

“A lot of credit must go to Geoff and Linda who have really built up the popularity of the show over the years.

“We have shadowed them in the past to get an overview of what is required from us at the Walsall Classic Car Show but you don’t fully appreciate the workload until it becomes your responsibility.”

This year marked the 26th anniversary of the show, which includes a range of exhibits of custom and classic motors.

Prizes were given out to the owners of any vehicles which particularly stood out from the crowd as part of the fun day at the weekend.

Visitors were able to browse the exhibits and they could also speak to the owners about their vehicles.

Mr Smith said he sees it as his responsibility to maintain the popularity of the Walsall show in the coming years.

He wants to try to bring a new, younger audience on board over the coming years to ensure the show continues.

He said: “Geoff and Linda really brought this on and made it what it is but we want to pick it up and run with it from here.

“There were a lot of families in attendance and getting through to a younger audience is something we are looking to do.

“To do this we are setting up new challenges such as the Decibel Duel which made its debut this year.

“This pits cars against each other to find out who has the loudest engine.

“It is something that classic car aficionados would never do but it was great fun and brought a big crowd.

“What we can offer the younger generation is the chance to see living history and we hope they take that on board.”

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