Review and gallery: Travis, V Festival 2016

For any artists unsure of how to work a festival crowd, look no further than Travis for a perfect example.

Review and gallery: Travis, V Festival 2016

Travis' Fran Healy on stage at V Festival

Fran Healy and the group took to the main stage in the early hours of Saturday afternoon, tasked with getting a crowd of half drunk revellers geared up for the evening ahead.

Armed with their instruments and a back catalogue of festival anthems, it was still a challenge considering the V Festival demographic.

Starting off with Sing got the audience onside and Fran's energetic enthusiasm kept the tempo high throughout. 

At one point the frontman walked into the crowd and spoke with fans before climbing onto a punters shoulders.
He asked one young girl in the crowd "Are you old enough to remember us?" and was given an emphatic no in response.

After climbing back on stage, he introduced Magnificent Time with a speech straight from the heart.

He said: "For those of you who were born after 2001,this is a guitar.

"It has six strings which vibrate when you hit them and that makes music.

"It is a miracle, you don't have to just press a button.

"You should give it a try."

As the V Festival line-up and crowd creeps ever closer to total pop music every year, bands like Travis are needed more than ever.

They showed that you can still get the best out of a crowd with two guitars, a bass guitar, a drum kit and the human voice.

Flowers In The Window was an acoustic highlight, with the band showcasing their close vocal harmonies and togetherness to huge cheers.

Closer Why Does It Always Rain On Me was greeted with huge cheers and a mass singalong.

The odds may have been stacked against them but by their set was complete, Travis had won over V Festival.

By Jordan Harris
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