Review: War of the Worlds fireworks display, Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor closed the season with a bang, or to be more precise: almost half an hour of them.

Review: War of the Worlds fireworks display, Drayton Manor

A spectacular fireworks display set to the musical version of War of the Worlds, marked the end of the theme park’s main season, ensuring that the winter closing of the park was a high, rather than a low point, of the year.

Between songs the voice of Liam Neeson told an adapted version of HG Wells’ 1897 novel, with the fireworks mirroring and complimenting the story. Lots of red and green swirling fireworks accompanied the section on bacteria, and they really did bring to mind swirling and multiplying bacteria.

The show’s finale was spectacular with tens of rockets illuminating the sky above the park, creating a magical feel to the story and the evening.

He display wasn’t just fireworks, with lights, lasers, fire, and even a 30ft Martian ensuring it was a show with a difference.

While thousands of people attempting to leave the park at once had the potential to become a logistical and traffic based nightmare, the parking was well marshalled and meant that there was only a minimal wait to leave.

The fireworks display is included in the entry to the park his Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the majority of the rides remaining open until 9pm. 

By Alex Binley

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