In pictures: Racy celebration at Bridgnorth Italian Auto Moto Festival

Some of the world’s most spectacular cars have lit up a market town at a festival celebrating Italian motoring.

In pictures: Racy celebration at Bridgnorth Italian Auto Moto Festival

Dominico Giovinazzo and Antino Giovinazzo from Wolverhampton with their Alfa Romeo 155 Turbo at the Italian Auto Moto Festival

Bridgnorth Italian Auto Moto Festival featured 45 stunning Italian cars, ranging from the latest Ferrari 488 to an historic 1923 Diatto.

Crowds flooded in for the festival which was combined with the town’s continental market, selling dried fruits, baklava, speciality breads, cured meats, cheese selections, confectionary, speciality mustards and jam.

The motoring display included a number of Fiats, Lancias and Alfa Romeos, as well as a De Tomaso Pantera, and an extremely rare Intermeccanica Indra sports car.

Nick Kane, the designer of the new LaFerrari also attended the event, direct from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, and exhibited one of his own cars.

There were also a number of Lambretta and Vespa scooters on display, and a wide range of Italian motorcycles, including Ducatis, Aprilias, Moto Guzzis, MV Agustas, and Benellis.

David Morris, organiser and director of Bridgnorth Italian Auto Moto Club, said they were delighted to have been able to showcase so many rare and spectacular vehicles.

He said: “The De Tomaso Pantera, a very rare car, was brought down from North Wales, it’s such a noisy car, so it’s really been attracting a lot of crowds.

“A 1923 Diatto which has raced at the famous Targa Florio Race in 1923 and 1924 and that’s been brought up from Stourport on Severn by William Hearne, there’s four Diattos in the UK but this is the only road-legal one.

“The two brothers who used to run Diatto racing department left to start Maserati, so that’s how famous that car is really.

“Also very rare from Kent is an Intermeccanica Indra, the only road-going one in the UK. We’ve had lots of interest and virtually every type of Ferrari that’s been built.”

Mr Morris said the reaction to the festival means they have already received requests to stage the event again next year.

He said: “This is the first-ever event of this type here. I’ve already had two town councillors say they’ve both been very very happy and want us to do it again.

“The continental market was at the other end of the High Street, so it’s worked together really well. In terms of motorcycles and scooters we’ve had quite a few Ducatis, a good showing of Moto Guzzi, and the scooters we’ve had were Lambrettas and Vespas.

“The feedback I’m getting is entirely positive really. The weather was really good. This was pure luck and it’s brought lots of people into town.”

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