Familiar figures from far far away at Black Country toy fair

From Star Wars and Ghostbusters to Harry Potter, toys from across the generations are going on display at a fair in the Black Country.

Familiar figures from far far away at Black Country toy fair

Serious business of child’s play – Darren Martin and Ricki Guy get ready for the toy fair at the Robin 2 in Bilston

King Street Toys and Collectables in Wolverhampton has only been open since March but has become a huge hit with customers visiting from all over the world. 

The decision to open up the shop by owners Ricky Guy, 34, and Darren Martin, 38 was sparked by their shared lifelong passion for the toys they grew up with and the ever-expanding market of collectables.

The idea for a fair came about few months ago between Ricky and the Rebel Records store, which has a shop in the indoor market in Bilston. They teamed up with Banks’s Robin 2 to hold the fair at the venue which has a capacity of 700. It will be taking place on Sunday from 10am until 3pm. 

There will be a variety of toys, such as die-cast, construction vehicles and trucks, Corgi and Dinky toys, anime, specialist comics, vintage Star Wars and collectables, as well as TV film memorabilia, coins, stamps and postcards will be on offer. 

While Star Wars figurines in the sale will sell for between £10 and £80, a much rarer collectors coin and figurine of the EV-9D9 Droid – still in its original packaging – is expected to fetch £300. A vintage Star Wars studio mask of Nien Nunb has a £120 price tag.

Amongst the Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Harry Potters there are plenty of other collectibles, including The Blues Brothers Mack and Elwood who are up for grabs for £60 each.

Mr Guy, from Wolverhampton, said: “We’re getting calls from all over the country, it’s absolutely fantastic. 

“Wolverhampton has got a very good collecting culture. I’m Wolverhampton through and through and have been to many collectable shops but never come across a unique shop like ours before. Now we’re looking to expand and put on a really good fair. 

“Since we’ve opened we’ve been having continuously great feedback, so we thought, why not put on a fair to show what we have to offer as a store. 

“We’re trying to appeal to a younger generation, hence why we’re doing an early bird admission from 10am for £3, so kids and families can and have a look before the traders and enthusiasts come in. 

“People have travelled from all over to visit us in the shop so it’s no surprise they will be travelling long distances to come to the fair. 

“All 25 stalls for the Bilston show have already sold out, with traders and enthusiasts from all over the Midlands looking forward to the event.”

Both Ricky and Darren previously worked on the local markets as two separate businesses, knowing each other around six years. They came together after the threat of job losses to the market place.

The upcoming fair has become so popular that already another collectable event will be taking place on November 29 at Dudley’s Station Hotel. Mr Martin, from Walsall, said: “We want to keep it local for the people of this area, as there is such a strong interest around here and it seems to growing bigger by the week. 

“We make sure every item in the shop is at an affordable price. We’re independent and want to stay that way.”

Their primary focus may be on collectables, but that is not the only thing in the shop.

 Vinyl records, antiques, dolls and other retro items are in store, due to customer demand. Both owners believe such needs go hand-in-hand with running such a distinctive business.

It is very rare the shop will ever have the same batch of stock in twice with

goods bring collected from local clearances, Ebay and collectors themselves. 

They have attended all of the other fairs over the year but wanted a big event to fill the gaps in between.

The event will take place on Sunday from 10am until 3pm at 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston. It is £3 for early bird admission and £1 pay on the door from 11am. Contact 01902 497860 for details. 

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