Dudley Zoo welcomes red squirrels in bid to help conservation

Two red squirrels have been brought to Dudley Zoo in a bid to help save the native species.

Red Squirrel
One of the red squirrels in Dudley Zoo’s special breeding programme

Red squirrels were once a common sight in the UK, but have seen a rapid decline over the last 60 years. The two females will form breeding pairs with the zoo’s resident males. 

Conservation officer Chris Leeson said: “Red 

squirrel programmes like the one we’re involved in are vital to the species’ survival.” The pair of reds have been brought in from Drayton Manor and Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Their introduction ties in with red squirrel week, a campaign which aims to raise awareness of the continued plight of this native species. The zoo has been part of a breeding programme since 1996.

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