Baby Reindeer named at Dudley Zoo

A baby reindeer born at Dudley Zoo has been named Sunflower by keepers.

Baby Reindeer named at Dudley Zoo

Sunflower the reindeer calf which has been born out of season to parents Ghost and Lily to the delight of staff at Dudley Zoo

They chose the moniker for the two week-old, who was born out of season on the hottest day of the year so far.

Section leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Sunflower is doing really well and mum, Lily is also being really attentive and protective.

“We wanted a name to mark her unusual birth in the height of summer and which also tied in with the flower names of some of the other girls in the herd, so Sunflower seemed the perfect compromise, especially as it’s also a beautiful flower which blooms at this time of year.”

The youngster was born on July 19, as temperatures rose above 30 degrees, with Lily choosing to keep her newborn indoors for 24 hours due to the heat.

Reindeer rutting season is typically in September time, with reindeer calves births more common around April and May.

However, dad, Ghost, arrived at the zoo shortly before Christmas last year.

After Sunflower was born, senior keeper Sarah Evans said: “At first, Lily kept the calf indoors, possibly because of the heat. 

“When it got slightly cooler, she took it out to join the herd. 

“It’s wonderful to have the pitter-patter of tiny hooves again out in the paddock.”

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