Shrewsbury artist's sculpture snags top spot on London's South Bank

It is a piece of modern art – all made from old plastic bottles.

Shrewsbury artist's sculpture snags top spot on London's South Bank

Making waves – Shrewsbury-based artist Wren Miller is seen in her studio making The Wave sculpture out of bottles

And it provided artist Wren Miller with a coup as she grabbed a prime spot on London’s South Bank to show it off.

The sculpture of a wave was created as part of an environmental campaign to reduce plastic pollution. The Shrewsbury-based artist created The Great Wave using 2,200 plastic bottles. 

The majority of the bottles were gathered by resource management company Veolia from its Household Recycling Centres across Shropshire. The instalment was commissioned by Iris Worldwide on behalf of Brita and is central to the plastic challenge campaign being run by the Marine Conservation Society. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue of plastic litter in seas and oceans, which can be harmful to the marine environment and sea life. 

Wrebn artist
The Wave on London’s South Bank

The eye-catching artwork aims to encourage people to use less single-use plastic bottles. The Great Wave was in place for just one day on the South Bank and it’s next appearance is as yet unconfirmed, but it will eventually be recycled.

Wren said: “I wanted to create a work to send out the message about the problems cause by littering. We need to change our ways now if we are to avoid a tsunami of plastic trash in our seas.”

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