Gallery: Willard Wigan: Through the Eye of a Needle exhibition, Library of Birmingham

His delicate works sit in the eyes of needles or on top of pinheads and are so minute they are only visible through a microscope.

And now Willard Wigan’s tiny pieces of art – which are crafted between heartbeats so as to minimise hand tremors – are to go on display in the West Midlands.

The renowned micro sculptor, who grew up in Wednesfield, is launching the exhibition at the Library of Birmingham.

Willard, aged 57, first became interested in micro-sculpture at the age of five when he began making houses for ants because he thought they needed somewhere to live. Since then, the self-taught artist has perfected his craft, with owners of the fruits of his labour now including Prince Charles, Sir Elton John, Sir Philip Green, Mike Tyson and Simon Cowell. 

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His most recent piece, the Coronation Crown, was requested by the Queen as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Wigan, who received an MBE in 2007, said: “As a child, I escaped into a fantasy world.

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“Now  children have the library on their doorstep, with free access to millions of stories to fuel their imaginations.

“I became a patron of the Library of Birmingham Trust so that, whatever a child’s background or ability, there will be a chance for them to be original and creative and to make their mark on the world.”

The Through the Eye of a Needle exhibition opens on January 11 for two weeks. Tickets can be pre-booked at or on 0121 2454455. For more art visit

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