GALLERY: Superhero fun comes to Shropshire

Forget Avengers Assemble – superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and even the Power Rangers descended on Shropshire for the Midlands Comic Con

Thousands of fans, collectors and enthusiasts visited Telford’s International Centre for the Midlands Comic Con on Saturday.

And they were treated to an appearance by Red Dwarf stars Danny John-Jules and Hattie Hayridge and S Club 7 and Primeval star Hannah Spearritt.

Comic Con offered visitors the chance to meet the stars, see live shows, take part in cosplay and try out new games before adding to their personal collections with hundreds of stalls selling comics, figurines and memorabilia.

Spearritt, who starred as lizard-loving zookeeper Abby Maitland in the ITV sci-fi show, said: “The atmosphere is fantastic, the costumes are great.”

The actress excited fans by talking about a possible movie and said: “We might come back in the future and do a one-off or there is the possibility of a movie.”

Making his debut appearance at Midlands Comic Con was top anime voice actor Vic Mignogna, best known for playing Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Ikkaku Madarame in Bleach and Broly in the Dragon Ball Z.

The MCM Comic Village also played host to talented UK comic artists and writers, including Laura Watton, Lee Townsend and Laura Howell.

Fans had the chance to see robots battling live when BBC game show Robot Wars took to the stage. Other attractions included the Cosplay Masquerade, a Dance Revolution and retro gaming zone

A host of dealers were selling everything from the latest anime to original artworks, sci-fi collectables, toys and Japanese sweets.

Comic lovers could buy collectables ranging from comic books, posters, costumes and figures – and comic book fans with £1,600 to spare could get their hands on The Avengers no.1 comic from 1963.

Dave Finn, owner of Into Comics, travelled from Dover to sell at the Telford convention and said: “I have been selling comics since 1988. I have sold one comic for £25,000. Most of my items here are items from the last 20 years which have been over produced, but people are looking for rare editions especially of The Avengers or The Fantastic Four.”

Comic reader Leander Butter, 19,  from Market Drayton, was excited that the convention had come to Shropshire.

She said: “We have travelled to Manchester in the past so I was very excited to hear the event was going to be held nearby. I love comics, I grew up watching Batman and just loved the storylines and characters. I am a real Dectective Comics fan.”

Star Wars fans had the chance to purchase an original vintage figure from 1978. But anyone wanting to get their hands on a scale model of Princess Leia would have had to have nearly £1,500 burning a hole in their pocket.

Darren Simpson, from Skegness, who owns Star Zone, a toys and collectables business which specialises in Star Wars memorabilia, said: “I started the company in 1991 but I have been collecting items since I was a kid and it has evolved from there.

“I sell items from £4 upwards but Princess Leia is one of only a handful in existence. 

“The Telford convention is fantastic. It is getting bigger and bigger.”

As fans entered the venue they were whisked into a world of fantasty, with members from UK Garrison dressed as the marines from 1986 film Alien.

Graham Green, from Lincolnshire, said: “Events like today are a great chance to put reality aside.”

Adrian Philpott, from Luton, added: “There is a fantastic atmosphere here today, the public have been so enthusiastic, it has been great.”

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