Our guide to Ironbridge

It's a World Heritage Site, the birthplace of the industrial revolution and it's packed full of museums, tea rooms, pubs and shops. It's no wonder we love Ironbridge.

Our guide to Ironbridge

The world famous Iron Bridge

Culture Vultures

The remarkable Iron Bridge still dominates the town that bears its name.  

Millions of tourists from all over the world have journeyed to marvel at the world's first cast-iron bridge. Since it was first built in 1779, it has become the face of the town and the industrial revolution.

Right next to the bridge stands the original Toll House, which is home to fantastic exhibitions about how the bridge was built and how it has changed over the years.

On the other side of the road, you won't miss the Tontine Hotel. It stands out with an exterior that has hardly changed since the days of the industrial revolution. Its extensive bar and drinks menu will help recharge your batteries before you think about exploring one of the other nine museums the town has to offer.

History Lovers

With 10 museums, Ironbridge is a history buff's haven.

Our personal favourite has to be Blists Hill Victorian Town. From the moment you arrive and exchange your pounds into shillings and pence, it really does feel like you've just stepped back in time.

The town offers an amazing insight into what life was like for our Victorian ancestors.  You can witness traditional skills in action at the Candle Factory and Blacksmiths and admire the long forgotten products on sale in the General Drapers and Outfitters.

Now, we don't just judge a place by its food, of course, but Blists Hill certainly doesn't lose any points in this department! In our opinion, it's worth visiting for the fish and chips alone and don't even get us started on the homemade breads... It's not all just about learning and food though, there's the chance to have some real fun here too and a whole programme of activities during the year.

Blists Hill Victorian Town
Blists Hill Victorian Town is well worth a visit

Science Fans

Test your reactions against the speed of a robot, build an earthquake proof tower or pull a locomotive by hand. 

Enginuity is the place to go if history really isn't your thing. You certainly won't find yourself feeling bored with the wide range of exciting hands-on activities and interactive features here all year round.

The museum is split into four zones, Materials, Energy, Design, and Systems & Controls, where you can marvel at how everyday objects work. You can pull a real five-ton locomotive, control the flow of water to generate electricity and pitch your wits against the speed and accuracy of a robotic arm. Every school holiday, the museum runs hands on workshops including the Speed and Space Race. 

Family fun at Enginuity
Stay occupied with the hands-on activities at Enginuity

For more details on events at the Ironbridge Museums, check out our events calendar

Some of our favourites

Savvy Shopping: A short walk from the bridge lies the Curio Centre. This is the place to visit if you are a lover of antiques and collectables. Whether you're looking for fine pieces of china, jewellery, stamps or books, there's a good chance you'll find it here. 

Delicious Dinner: We love a bargain and we've finally found somewhere that does five star food without the five star price tag. Restaurant Severn offers a delicious three course meal, starting at just £26.95.

Wonderful Walk:  There are so many fantastic walks around Ironbridge the town even has its own walking festival. We recommend following the River Severn from the bottom of the Gorge until you reach the beautiful 12th Centaury Buildwas Abbey. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled when walking through any woodland, as it's home to Britain's smallest breed of dear, the Muntjac.


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