How well do you know Shropshire?

Take our quiz to find out!

How well do you know Shropshire?

How Well Do You Know Shropshire?  

We have put together 10 general knowledge-based questions for you to have a go at. Some of them are quite tricky, so take your time! 

Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

Start of quiz:

1 - Sabrina is the Roman goddess of which river?

2 - The actor and comedian Greg Davies was born in which Shropshire town?

3 - Richard Burton and Billy Connolly both starred in the 1978 film Absolution. In which school was it partly filmed?  both starred in the 1978 film Absolution. In which school was it partly filmed?

4 - What was Charles Darwin’s childhood nickname?

5 - Shropshire is home to the World’s very first skyscraper located on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. It was the first iron-framed building in the world.  At what date did the construction begin?

6 -  Wem, a small market town in the south of the county, is responsible for introducing the sweet pea to the World. Who developed this breed of plant? 

7 - Whose column stands outside the Shropshire County Council’s headquarters in Shrewsbury? The column reaches a height of about 133 feet and is a part of the Doric style, commonly used by the Greek’s. 

8 - Whose fake grave lies in the graveyard of St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury? The famous grave starred in the 1984 film “A Christmas Carol”.

9 - Which event is the “Longest Running Horticultural Show” in the World? *Hint* located in Shrewsbury. 

10 - Which south Shropshire historic brewery claims to have been brewing beer since 1642?

11 - Which 11th hundred castle has it’s ruins leaning at an angle of 17 degrees? 

12 - Shawbury holds the record for England’s lowest ever temperature reading, what was the temperature?

13 - Which county boarders the East of Shropshire?

14 -  Which football legend started his career as a goalkeeper in his hometown of Shrewsbury, progressing on to play for Manchester City and England? 

Are you the Shropshire king or queen of knowledge? Let us know how you did in the comment section below!

Answers below!

Question 1 anwser = The River Severn

Question 2 anwser = Wem

Question 3 anwser = Ellesmere College

Question 4 anwser = Gas

Question 5 answer =1796

Question 6 answer = Henry Eckford

Question 7 answer = Lord Hill's

Question 8 answer = Ebenezer Scrooge

Question 9 answer = Shrewsbury flower show

Question 10 answer = The Three Tuns Inn

Question 11 answer = Bridgnorth Castle

Question 12 answer = -26.1C

Question 13 answer = Staffordshire

Question 14 answer = Joe Hart

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