Step back in time with Wolverhampton-based Medieval dance group

A Medieval and Elizabethan dance group is calling for new volunteers ahead of a significant show later this month.

Step back in time with Wolverhampton-based Medieval dance group

The dancing group in action

Gloriana, a Wolverhampton-based group of history enthusiasts, will be performing at the 600-year-old Guild Hall in Leicester on Monday, August 29.

The group was formed in 1978 by a collection of enthusiasts interested in early music and dance from the Medieval and Tudor period.

Over the years they have performed at Hever Castle, the former residence of Anne Boleyn, Hatfield House, acquired by Henry VIII and Coughton Court, a Tudor residence connected to the Gunpowder Plot.

They’ve also made it onto TV, including an appearance on the BBC’s Tudor Monastery Farm with historian Ruth Goodman, they were the entertainment at a house in Sutton Coldfield on Come Dine With Me and they also appeared on Fred Dibnah’s Historic Houses.

Julia Lowe, who formed the group in the late 1970s, said: “Unfortunately, some people have moved on, some of our members have died, some are students who have completed their studies here and returned home – so we’re being proactive and recruiting members now.  

“Last time we put a plea out like this, we had a lady join us from Mid-Wales who travels two hours for rehearsals. That really shows the dedication of our members – we were hoping to get a few more local people this time however.

“We have been researching dance and music from the 15th century ahead of our visit to Leicester as it will be themed around Richard III.”

The group, which currently has around 15 members who perform more than 20 times a year, have their own costume-maker who has been commissioned by both Selly Manor in Bournville and the British Museum.

Not all members in the group dance – some play early instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy and crumhorn, whilst other members are involved with researching. 


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