It's a 10 for first Strictly Come Dancing Live show!

Review: Strictly Come Dancing Live at Birmingham NIA

It was always going to be a two-girl race.

Much like the TV series, last night’s live Strictly show was all about Abbey and Natalie.

Sure, the other dancers are crowd-pleasers, but all are lacking that certain something that both Abbey and Natalie possess. Maybe it’s their youth? Maybe it’s their beauty? Maybe it’s their incredible dancing partners? Whatever it is, no one else really stood a chance.

And, once each pair had delivered two dances and the fans in the NIA had cast their votes, it was Natalie and Artem who came out on top.

Their Viennese waltz was effortless, elegant and gravity-defying but it was probably the jive that won it for them. Yes, that’s the same jive we didn’t get to see on TV after Natalie was taken ill in week seven. Well, it was worth the wait. Performed to Tina Turner’s Rolling On The River, it was quick, sharp and won over the audience in an instant.

Len and Bruno both gave it a 10. Craig? A nine, of course.

Abbey meanwhile scored a perfect 60/60 with her quickstep and salsa. But despite achieving perfection, the audience still plumped for her closet rival.

The set mirrored that which we see on our TV screens every Saturday night, albeit with a giant glitterball overhead. The usual band and singers were there and host Lisa Riley kept everyone in check. No Brucie. Thank God. Other standout numbers included Susanna’s blistering paso and Mark’s amazing Hammertime routine. Craig gave it a two. Iveta said it was because he didn’t understand Mark’s ‘dancing from the future’. 

I could be mean like Craig and give it an eight, but I’ve always been more of a Len girl – therefore I’m holding up a 10.

Liz Joyce

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