Gallery & Video: The Charleston comes to Shrewsbury

Dancers in Shropshire are getting into a right flap, discovering the delights of the Charleston.

Lessons specialising in classic dances are thriving in the county, thanks to the runaway success of Strictly Come Dancing.

And dance teacher Sarah Davies has now taken a diversion from her more normal street dance, hip-hop and zumba.

Sarah, from Montford, near Shrewsbury, runs the Revel in Dance school.

The 35-year-old decided there was an opportunity waiting to be taken after seeing the interest in the BBC dance show.

Now she claims to hold Shropshire's first ever dedicated Charleston dance lessons.

The classes, which are held in the town's Morris Hall in Bellstone, run for five weeks and a beginners course starts next Tuesday.

"The Charleston is stylish and foolishly fun," said Sarah who holds adult and child classes across Shropshire.

"We offer the chance for people of all abilities.

"The first lot of classes I did went down really well - there was loads of laughter.

"I am very pleased that everyone has enjoyed them so much."

The Charleston dance became popular after appearing along with the song, The Charleston, by James P. Johnson in the Broadway musical Runnin' Wild in 1923.

Although the origins of the dance are obscure, the dance has been traced back to people who lived on an island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, in the early 1900s.

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