Talks and Birmingham Conservatoire concert to honour 300 years of Capability Brown at Weston Park

To celebrate 300 years of Capability Brown, Birmingham Conservatoire will play at Weston Park and there will be two talks to contextualise the landscape gardener's work.

On June 12 the Birmingham Conservatoire will perform a selection of works scored by Sir Henry Bridgeman - Brown’s patron at Weston Park.

On June 9 Mike Glasson, Curator, Walsall’s Leather Museum, will host a talk about the development of the Walsall estate and how it helped to sustain Capability Brown’s works at Weston Park during an 'agricultural depression', entitled Walsall: Town Of A Hundred Trades

Patrick James and Eleanor Houldcroft of the Landscape Agency and Andrew Bowman-Shaw, the Tree and Woodland Company, will speak to visitors about the work they have been doing to manage Capability Brown’s legacy at Weston. Over the last 15 years they have been working with the Weston Park Foundation on a 25-year project to restore the park grounds.

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